RocknRoll Adventures has teamed up with Brioche Pasquier.

Posted 11 Oct 2017


It's that time of year again where we share our love of France by posting a Pain au chocolat to every Public school French teacher in the UK. So check your mailbox now as there is probably one waiting for you to enjoy with a cup of coffee whilst you browse our website to see the different exciting adventures we could offer your school groups in France in 2018/19. This year we have teamed up with Brioche Pasquier who have very kindly donated the Pain au chocolat that you will have the pleasure of eating.


Brioche Pasquier started in 1936 with Gabriel Pasquier’s small village bakery in Les Cerqueux, France. In 1974, his five sons began building the family business into ‘Brioche Pasquier Ltd’. Over the years they have grown the business developed into new areas to now providing a wide range of products including: Patisserie, Biscotte and Brioche. Today Brioche Pasquier operates across 7 countries, 3 continents and out of 18 factories with over 3,500 employees. Now with over 40 years of experience producing French bakery products at the industrial scale using our ‘savoir-faire’ and ‘levain’. The products follow a traditional method to offer a delicious and authentic taste, with high quality ingredients and a clean recipe that is free from: preservatives, artificial colours and hydrogenated fats. This means that Brioche Pasquier products can be enjoyed by all the family.