RocknRoll Environmental Committment

We are passionate about the outdoors and our beautiful planet so are keen to protect everything about it.

Therefore we will always consider responsible tourism as a core value within RARA.

Travel can bring about many benefits not only to the traveler but to the countries visited such as learning about different cultures and contributing to the local economy and for this reason we will always work toward these aims.

We can't change the world but if we all do our bit it is amazing what a difference we can make.

We believe that:

  • We should learn about and respect the customs and culture of the country we are visiting.
  • We should try to ensure that local people benefit economically from tourism by employing them as guides, eating out in local restaurants, supporting the local markets, buying local produce and using family-run hotels.
  • We try to encourage travel in small groups to minimise our impact on the environment and to reduce waste.
  • We use fresh produce and specialties from local farms and markets because many rural areas would be under threat without the support of local custom. In turn this helps the local farmers and the economy.
  • We recycle bottles, cans, plastic and paper: remember this when you're on the trails and bring your litter home.
  • On a RARA adventure we encourage interaction between our clients and the local community. It's quite easy in a small community to appear an arrogant rich foreigner, so be aware and try learning a little of the local language, customs and culture.
  • Responsible tourism is important for the traveller, host communities and the environment. It is important that the local communities play a role in our operations and that we provide a long-term investment in these destinations.