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Welcome To RocknRoll Adventures

Activity Holidays In Normandy & The Pyrenees

RARA holidays are all about the simple luxury of time in the outdoors, enjoying new and beautiful surroundings, relaxing in comfortable and friendly accommodation and eating delicious fresh food. With these ingredients and our extensive local knowledge, we tailor-make active holidays which put your needs first so that you're in control of your time away.

RocknRoll Adventures has grown out of a desire to share places overflowing with activities, where nature still has the upper hand. With more than 30 activities on offer and the flexibility to design a package just for you, RARA will tempt you to step outdoors and get a taste of nature.

Choose from a kaleidoscope of adventures and a length of stay from one day to a week to create your perfect holiday be it a calm rural break, an active holiday, an adrenaline-fuelled adventure or a pick n mix of them all.

Do stuff, feel good.